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Review of the Management of the Election Observation Roster

The members of the Election Observation roster play an important role in the promotion of democracy, human rights and the rule of law. They form part of an international community that encapsulates Ireland’s values and commitment as a member of the EU and OSCE. This report provides forward-looking recommendations that aim to ensure Ireland continues to facilitate high quality, responsive volunteer observers, and an election observation function that is fit for purpose and effective in the years to come.

The purpose of the review is:

  1. To provide an independent assessment of the effectiveness of the processes and controls involved in establishing and maintaining the Election Observation Roster
  2. To identify lessons learned from the processes involved which will inform decisions with regard to arrangements for future rosters
  3. To assess the suitability of the location of responsibility for management of the election observation roster
  4. To provide accountability, including to the Oireachtas Joint Committee of Foreign Affairs and Defence

The review sets out a total of 18 recommendations for the attention of DFA management; One high priority, 9 medium priority and 7 low priority.

Review of the Management of the Election Observation Roster

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