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Mary Zumbuza tending her irrigation plot in the Nsembe irrigation scheme, Malawi. Photo: Irish Aid

Irrigation extending the growing season


Agriculture, Hunger, Poverty, Case study, Africa, Ireland, Malawi, 2013
Mamosiuoa Maromaki working at her keyhole garden, Leribe, Lesotho. Photo: Matela Thabane, Irish Aid

Unlocking the potential of small-scale farming


Agriculture, Poverty, Hunger, Case study, Africa, Ireland, Lesotho, 2013
Ahmed Yimer, Ethiopia, harvesting his improved Tef, grown from seeds provided by Concern Worldwide, with the support of Irish Aid. Photo: Concern

Improving Harvests in Ethiopia


Agriculture, Aid Effectiveness, Hunger, Poverty, Case study, Africa, Ethiopia, Ireland, 2013
Ester Jerome Mtegule, Oxfam Ireland's first Female Food Hero. Lyenge, Tanzania. 2011

Female Food Heroes in Tanzania


Gender, Agriculture, Case study, Ireland, Tanzania, Africa, 2013
Fanta Poudiougou & her 3 year old child Saouda, left their home in Gao. Photo: Trocaire

Re-building lives for those displaced by conflict in Mali


Aid Effectiveness, Emergencies, Poverty, Case study, Ireland, Mali, 2013
Daniel Kampani and his wife Clara on their conservation agriculture demonstration plot

Sowing the Seeds of Change: Supporting agriculture in Malawi


Agriculture, Case study, Ireland, Malawi, 2013
Muna Abu Jabar (43) with her son and their goats in Muglad, South Kordofan, Sudan.  Photo: Concern / Alaa Hamid al Bashir, 2012.

Supporting Women Farmers in Sudan


Agriculture, Hunger, Poverty, Case study, Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, 2013
irish Aid, Uganda, Education

Educating the most vulnerable in Uganda


Education, Case study, Uganda, 2013

Grace Namukonde, Zambia, Irish Aid Fellowship


Education, Gender, Case study, Ireland, Zambia, 2013
Mesfin Kebede from Ethiopia, tells his story of his work with the ILO.

Supporting People with Disability in Ethiopia


Aid Effectiveness, Case study, Ethiopia, Ireland, 2013
Mg'anja stove Group, Kachindamoto, with the stoves which they are producing for their own use and to sell

Clubbing Together to Protect the Environment


Environmental/Climate Change, Gender, Poverty, Case study, Ireland, Malawi, 2013

Managing Risk in Mongolia


Agriculture, Environmental/Climate Change, Case study, Global, 2013
Men and Women from Kaymor in central Senegal help to build a wall to protect their land from wind and wwater erosion. WFP/Jenny Matthews

WFP: Building Walls against Wind and Water Erosion in Senegal (HNCJ)


Environmental/Climate Change, Agriculture, Case study, Africa, Global, 2013
Women Picking Tomatoes, in Widou Thingily, Northern Senegal, where the Great Green Wall is helping to reduce the risk of desertification. WFP/Jenny Matthews

WFP: The Great Green Wall, Senegal (HNCJ)


Agriculture, Environmental/Climate Change, Case study, Africa, Global, 2013

WFP: MERET - Restoring Hope for Small Holder Farmers in Ethiopia (HNCJ)


Agriculture, Environmental/Climate Change, Case study, Ethiopia, 2013
Fatema Begum, left, has been infolved in a World Food Programme project which aims to equip vulnurable communities to cope with future storms. Photo: WFP / Cornelia Paetz

WFP: Building Resilience for Communities affected by Floods in Bangladesh (HNCJ)


Emergencies, Environmental/Climate Change, Case study, Global, 2013
GebreMariam Desalegn from Tigray, Ethiopia, participates in two Irish Aid funded programmes, aimed at improving agricultural production and resilience to climate change.

Transforming Farming in Tigray, Ethiopia


Agriculture, Aid Effectiveness, Environmental/Climate Change, Case study, Ethiopia, Ireland, 2013
Shefina Kahsay, surrounded by the rocky terrain of her home in Northern Tigray, Ethiopia

Responding to Hunger and Climate Change in Ethiopia


Agriculture, Environmental/Climate Change, Hunger, Case study, Ethiopia, 2013
Mohammed  meets Minister of State Joe Costello during a visit to the hospital in 2012

Improving Nutrition in Sierra Leone


Hunger, Case study, Sierra Leone, 2013
Syrian Man receives Irish Aid Emergency Pack at Goal distribution post in Northern Syria.

Support for Displaced Families in Syria


Emergencies, Case study, Ireland, Syria, 2013
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