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Protecting the most vulnerable with social safety nets

Social Assistance Grants for Empowerment, Naachuka village, Moroto District, Karamoja, Uganda. Photo: Wendy Kasujja

SAGE is a safety-net which involves small but regular cash transfers of €8 per month.

Karamoja region, in North East Uganda, suffers from a harsh climate, regular drought and conflict. 75.8% of the population live below the poverty line, compared to the national average of 24.5%.

Lucia Nake is an elderly Karamojong woman, responsible for a household of eight, including seven of her grandchildren, aged from four to seventeen. Since her husband passed away, the family have faced greater difficulty, making school unaffordable for all her grandchildren.

2,642 people over the age of 60 benefit from these safety-nets which involve small but regular cash transfers.

But hope has been offered through the Social Assistance Grants for Empowerment (SAGE) programme in Karamoja, which is supported by Irish Aid. Lucia is one of 2,642 people aged over 60 benefitting from this safety-net which involves small but regular cash transfers of €8 per month. SAGE supports the elderly, orphans and people with disabilities who are not able to work, to help them meet their basic needs.

The programme, established by Irish Aid, the UK Department for International Development and UNICEF, in partnership with the Ugandan Government, is being piloted in 14 districts of Uganda and has so far benefitted over 70,000 people.

Our work in Uganda

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