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Our Vision

We work towards reduced poverty and hunger; inclusive and sustainable economic growth and better governance, human rights and accountability. All of our efforts towards these three goals are informed by our vision and values.

Our vision is for a sustainable and just world, where people are empowered to overcome poverty and hunger and fully realise their rights and potential.

Our values underpin our goals and all of the work we undertake to achieve them: 

Sustainability: Ensuring that our interventions bring real benefits over the long term, are environmentally sound and address the causes of poverty rather than just the symptoms.


Effectiveness and results: Using public resources efficiently and effectively, providing value for money, and focusing our efforts on achieving sustainable results in the lives of those experiencing poverty.


Equality: Advancing equal opportunities and equality, with no discrimination of any kind, and addressing inequalities in a systematic way.


Human rights: Defending the universal and indivisible nature of human rights by promoting and protecting them in all our efforts.


Accountability: Being accountable to Irish citizens, to those people benefitting from our support, and being transparent in all that we do.


Partnership: Strengthening partnerships built on mutual trust and supporting development that is locally owned and led.


Coherence: Striving for a coherent approach to development across all Government Departments, addressing contradictions and building synergies between policies.