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Emergency Assistance for South Sudan

Emergencies, News/feature, South Sudan, 2014

South Sudan is the world’s youngest nation, having become an independent country in 2011. On the 15th December 2013, violence broke out in the capital city Juba, reportedly between government forces of  President Salva Kiir and rebels backed by his former deputy Riek Machar.

The violence spread quickly to six of the 10 states across the country. Since the outbreak of violence, an estimated 189,000 people have been forced to leave their homes to look for somewhere safer to stay, with over 22,500 people leaving South Sudan for neighbouring countries.

40 tonnes of emergency items to assist those affected by the violence have arrived in South Sudan. The items such as jerry cans, blankets, mosquito nets and kitchen sets have been dispatched from an emergency supply depot in Accra, Ghana and they will be distributed by our NGO partners Concern Worldwide. These items are to help people to meet their daily requirements such as collecting water, cooking food and  staying warm.

On the 3rd January, ceasefire discussions began in Addis Ababa, the capital of neighbouring country Ethiopia, but no agreement has yet been reached in terms of a ceasefire.

Responding to emergencies.

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