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Increased Support for Development Aid

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9 out of 10 Irish people believe assisting developing countries is important

Increased support for development aid


A new European survey has revealed that support for development aid has increased significantly among Irish people in the past year.

The Eurobarometer survey was carried out across the European Union, gauging the attitudes of the public on development aid during the 2015 European Year of Development. The survey covered questions on increasing aid, the benefits of aid and how much individual citizens are involved in development issues.

There was an increase of 12% in the proportion of Irish people who believe development aid should be increased, with over two thirds now in favour of Ireland increasing the amount it provides in development aid.

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Irish respondents also believed strongly in assisting people in developing countries, with 87% citing this as important. This opinion seemed to be based on both a belief in a moral obligation to tackle poverty (75% agree), and that development aid contributes to a more peaceful and equal world (77% agree) and has a positive impact on EU citizens as well (78% agree).


The survey also revealed that Irish people are among the most engaged of all EU citizens – with 68% believing individuals can play a role in tackling poverty in developing countries, and 62% having a personal involvement in helping developing countries – almost double the European average 

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Full details of the survey in Ireland and across the European Union are available in the special Eurobarometer report: The European Year for Development – Citizens’ views on development, cooperation and aid.   

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