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Celebrating Europe Day

Aid Effectiveness, News/feature, Europe, Ireland, 2015

May 9th is Europe Day – a day when all European countries and citizens celebrate peace and unity in Europe.

Ireland is proud to work closely with and through the EU to help those less fortunate, and to build a better fairer, more sustainable world.  Working with the EU allows Ireland to have a greater influence in multilateral action – such as in shaping the Sustainable Development Goals – and in shaping the EU’s overall development cooperation policies and programmes.

The EU’s approach to development cooperation is, like Ireland’s, focussed on poverty eradication and sustainable development worldwide. The EU with its member States is the world’s largest provider of development assistance.

Ireland’s EU membership strengthens the impact of Irish Aid - both on the ground and on the wider policy framework

The wide remit of the EU’s development co-operation increases the impact of Irish aid in our partner countries and also allows us to make a difference in a wider range of countries, and on a wider range of issues than is possible through our own bilateral programmes.

For example, in Tanzania, our support to the European Development Fund has been essential for the success of Chololo Ecovillage - an innovative project helping rural communities adapt to climate change.

In Niger, Ireland has helped the Government deliver essential services to the population, leading to significantly increased primary school completion rates and a halving of child mortality.

Our support to EU Development programmes has also helped small farmers in Colombia’s conflict-affected rural areas to increase their production and incomes, reducing poverty and food insecurity and contributing to peace.

Ireland’s EU membership strengthens the impact of Irish Aid - both on the ground and on the wider policy framework.  We will continue to work with our EU counterparts to make a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable.