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Shannon Airport Feasibility Study

Aid Effectiveness, Emergencies, Evaluations, Ireland, 2012

The Programme for Government set out the Government’s desire to explore the possibility of positioning Shannon airport as an international hub for the storage and distribution of EU and UN emergency humanitarian supplies. An independent feasibility study was initiated earlier this year, with the specific aim of providing an independent, evidence-based assessment of the viability and value-for-money of a possible humanitarian hub at the airport. In November 2012, a final version of the study was presented to Minister of State Joe Costello by the independent consultants who had been tasked with undertaking the study.  Based on the findings, which found that there is not a justifiable, economically viable rationale for proceeding with plans to develop Shannon Airport as a humanitarian hub a decision has been made not to proceed.


Shannon Airport Feasibility Study

An independent study on the feasibility of using Shannon Airport as an international hub for the storage and distribution of emergency humanitarian supplies.Download PDF (979KB)