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Uganda Climate Action Report for 2015

Environmental/Climate Change, Policy, Uganda, 2016

Improved water management is key to increase adaptation - Lakeside in Muygera parish, Uganda. Photo: Lisa Byrne/Trocaire

Uganda is a landlocked country in east Africa, approximately 236,040 square kilometres in size. The population is approximately 39 million which is expected to grow to over 93 million in the 2040s. Average annual temperature has increased by 1.3 degrees C since 1960 and there will be a projected increase between 1.0 degrees C and 3.1 degrees C and increases in annual rainfall by the 2060s (McSweeney et al. 2010). The priorities in Uganda’s National Climate Change Policy (NCCP), published in 2015, have been integrated in the Second National Development Plan (NDP II) 2015/16 - 2019/2020 (2015). In the long term, Uganda intends to follow a climate-resilient and low-carbon development path linked to green growth and broader sustainable development goals.


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