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Irish Aid Centre Workshops

The Irish Aid Centre is open for both in-person and online workshops

Join us for a series of interactive workshops and have a look at our new post-primary resources available at The workshops are guided by experienced facilitators using activities to explore the work of Irish Aid and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Contact the Irish Aid Centre by e-mail at for further information.

Teachers, bring the world into your classroom by bringing your students into the Irish Aid Centre, at 3 Clonmel Street, Dublin 2School workshops are provided free of charge in the Irish Aid Centre, 3 Clonmel Street, off Harcourt Street, Dublin 2. In these interactive workshops our experienced facilitators explore global issues such as food and hunger, sustainable development, the SDGs and the role of Irish Aid.

Gorey Community School

Students from Gorey Community School attend a workshop. (Credit: Irish Aid Centre)

The workshops last for 90 minutes and are suitable for Junior Cycle, Transition Year and Senior Cycle. Teachers are provided with pre-visit and follow on resources.

Book or find out more about secondary school workshops in the Irish Aid Centre.

Second Level Schools  

Loretto, Kilkenny visit the Irish Aid Centre

Students from Loretto Kilkenny visit the Irish Aid Centre

Students learn about the realities of life in a rural African community and learn about how Ireland is taking a leadership role in the fight against hunger.  

Who are the workshops for?

Workshops are relevant for Transition Year, CSPE and Senior Cycle Geography, Home Economics and Religion and Politics and Society. 

We can also provide workshops for Leaving Cert Applied and Leaving Cert Vocational classes by arrangement.

Primary schools

Balbriggan Educate Together visit the Irish Aid Centre

Students from Balbriggan Educate Together School visit the Irish Aid Centre

At our summer primary schools workshops, we use activities, games and music to explore the links between our lives and the lives of people in other parts of the world. These workshops are highly participative and designed to be as enjoyable as possible.

Pupils learn how protecting the environment can help to improve the lives of people in poor countries.

Who are the workshops for?

The Summer Primary Schools Programme is specially designed for pupils aged 10-12 years (primary classes from third to sixth class) and will be relevant for the Human Environment Strand of the SESE, Geography curriculum.


Summer primary schools workshops take place in May and June, Monday to Friday at 10.00 and 12.00 or a later time on request.  These workshops are free of charge and last 90 minutes. See our‌ Primary workshops flyer. for more information.

Classes of 30 must be accompanied by two adults, including one teacher.  The Department's Child Safeguarding Statement requests that Teachers of school groups participating in the Irish Aid Workshops must be present for the full duration of the workshop.  

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