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Irish Aid sponsored Ebola Virus Signs and Symptoms public awareness campaign. Photo: Killian Doherty / Architectural Field Office

Minister Sherlock announces €120,000 additional funding to fight the spread of Ebola in West Africa


Emergencies, Health, News/feature, Africa, Liberia, Sierra Leone, 2014

Government announces €500,000 in emergency funding for Gaza


Budget/funding, Emergencies, News/feature, Palestine, 2014
Irish Aid sponsored Ebola Virus Signs and Symptoms public awareness campaign. Photo: Killian Doherty / Architectural Field Office

Fighting Ebola Virus in West Africa


Emergencies, Health, Budget/funding, News/feature, Africa, Sierra Leone, Liberia, 2014

Minister Costello announces €1m to protect women and girls from violence


Emergencies, Gender, Budget/funding, News/feature, Africa, Ireland, Global, 2014

Tanaiste addresses Symposium on Leadership, Peace and Livelihoods in DRC


Aid Effectiveness, Emergencies, Gender, Governance, Speeches, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa,

Urgently needed supplies for displaced people in Iraq


Budget/funding, Emergencies, News/feature, Ireland, 2014
Sudanese refugees queue for blankets and mosquito nets at a distribution point in Yusuf Batil Refugee Camp. Photo: Panos / Brian Solol

World Refugee Day 2014


Emergencies, News/feature, Global, 2014

Government announces funding to GOAL for emergency assistance in Iraq


Emergencies, News/feature, Ireland, 2014
Irish Aid Emergency Supplies are loaded onto a cargo plane to be dispatched to assist refugees from the Central African Republic in Cameroon. Photo WFP

Ireland dispatches vital supplies to refugees from Central African Republic


Emergencies, News/feature, Central African Republic, 2014
Irish Aid stocks being dispatched from UNHRD hub in Brindisi, Italy to Bosnia and Herzegovina to assist those affected by severe flooding. Photo: WFP

Ireland to send shelter supplies to the Balkans


Emergencies, News/feature, Europe, 2014

Minister Costello announces funding for flood relief in the Balkans


Budget/funding, Emergencies, Environmental/Climate Change, News/feature, Europe, 2014

Ireland to provide €2 million in emergency assistance for South Sudan


Emergencies, Budget/funding, News/feature, South Sudan, Ireland, 2014

Ireland calls for Security Council to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court


Budget/funding, Emergencies, News/feature, Ireland, Syria, 2014

Call for comprehensive EU approach to crises in South Sudan & CAR


Emergencies, Aid Effectiveness, News/feature, Africa, Central African Republic, South Sudan, 2014

Minister Costello addresses Seanad on the abduction of schoolgirls in Nigeria


Emergencies, Governance, Speeches, Africa,

Strengthening the Global Response to Humanitarian Crises


Emergencies, Poverty, Governance, Speeches, Africa, Central African Republic, Ireland, Global,

Minister Costello announces an additional €3 million funding to the Philippines


Emergencies, News/feature, The Philippines, Ireland, 2014

Three Years of the Syrian Crisis


Emergencies, News/feature, Syria, 2014

Government announces funding of €4 million for Palestinian Refugee Agency


Budget/funding, Emergencies, News/feature, Palestine, 2014

Government announces additional funding for World Food Programme


Budget/funding, Emergencies, News/feature, Africa, Central African Republic, Ireland, 2014
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