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Primary School Resources

Welcome teachers! Designed for 3rd to 6th classes, these teaching resources will help children to explore topics such as hunger, food security and farming, climate change and aid and to understand the links between their lives and the lives of children and their families in developing countries.

The resources are divided into five categories – Fact Sheets, Puzzles and Games, Lesson Plans, Videos and Units of Work. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about what Irish Aid is doing to fight hunger and poverty throughout the world.

Primary School Fact Sheets

What is Irish Aid Fact Sheet

This fact sheet gives your class a brief overview of what Irish Aid is and the work we do.

>> Download the 'What is Irish Aid Fact Sheet' 

Child Friendly Millennium Development Goals

This fact sheet presents the United Nations eight Millennium Development Development Goals in a child friendly way.

>> Download the child friendly Millennium Development Goals ‌ 

Our puzzles and games can be used to support the learning of other topics or as simple activities for the classroom.

‌Fun Environmental Quiz 

Take our fun Environmental Quiz and find out what you know about the environment and how environmentally friendly you are.‌

>> Download the fun Environmental Quiz

Primary School Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are based on different development topics. Lessons may be undertaken individually or as a unit of work. The lessons are organised appropriate to class groups.

Environment Lesson Plans (5th and 6th Class)

The aim of these lesson plans is to enable teachers to explore the relationship between the environment and people, particularly those living in poverty. The focus is on MDG 7 (Ensure Environmental Stability) but will also highlight links between the other Millennium Development Goals.

>> Download Environment Lesson Plans for 5th and 6th Class Students